Branded Content Spotlight

Branded content shouldn’t feel like a traditional advertisement. This week’s director spotlight features branded work that breaks the mold of a traditional advertising aesthetics through humor, self-awareness, and dramatic storytelling.


Art Basel / Microsoft – Matthew Charof

One Million Square Feet of Culture is a series of guest curated physical spaces that live on through technology. The content component told the story of each installation in a comedic, matter-of-fact kind of way through a voice character that created the style and pacing of the piece. The work was commissioned by Mother and co-directed by Anthony Mathile.


All Dressed / Ruffles – Alex Grybauskas

Watching the ridiculous concept art we created for the “Beavoosear” come to life through our super-talented costume designers was a fun experience. Perhaps the only thing more challenging than getting the look of it right was keeping the actor inside it cool. We had fans inside the costume and between every take the head would come off and hydration was provided. I think it only worked to get our performer even more into the mindset of the unique beast he was portraying.


Art is Hard / Squarespace – Michael Litwak

These 30s spots were designed to poke fun at creative types who take themselves too seriously, in this case two young women who play the triangle and think of themselves as artistes. Shooting this was a combination of scripted and improv, guiding the actors into characters but then letting them run free within them.

Save the Arctic / Greenpeace – Michael Rittmannsberger

WINNER Deauville Green Awards “Best Awareness Campaign” (FRA)
WINNER Deauville Green Awards “Best Musical Score” (FRA)
Directed by Michael Rittmannsberger
Produced by Bernhard Holzhammer
Concept by Michael Rittmannsberger, Clara Luzia, Babsi Steiner, Madeleine Dürrer, and Florian Bolka