Musical Content Spotlight

Matthew Charof, Skizzy Mars “Cheer Up”

Cheer Up by Skizzy Mars is a quiet portrait of an artist running away from his life in a hotel room in New York City. The video tells the story of a broken relationship through a series of flashbacks and memories that evoke feelings of loneliness and illustrate different ways we cope with that. The work was commissioned by Atlantic Records and produced by Marshall Borden. Cinematography by Kevin Martin.


Morgan Wise, D-Willz “Watermelon”

“This was an amazing creative challenge.  We didn’t have much time or too many resources to execute, so I had to generate a concept that would be both iconic and simple to shoot. My producer/brother, Finley, and I ended up filming at a lovely organic farm near Santa Cruz, and our DP had to be quite nimble with whatever available, natural light the sky gave us over the few hours we were able to shoot. D.Willz and Mark saw the value in a concept that subverts stereotypes.  I think that kind of creative trust in me was essential in making such a unique and enjoyable clip.”


Michael Litwak – Interstellar Intercourse A Space-Sex Odyssey (Karaoke Fun Time Sing-A-Long!!!)

Interstellar Intercourse is a musical comedy about two illegal aliens (one human, one extra-terrestrial) who must team up and use the power of love to defeat the evil robot space police. Written, directed and edited over the course of 48 hours, the film went on to screen at Raindance and is a favorite of pre-pubescent youtube commenters.

Alex Grybauskas, Rold Gold – Slow Jam

From hand-making every set, prop and character to collaborating with musicians on the song recording, every aspect of this was a meticulous prospect (even everything from the rain on the windows to the birds in the sky). Once it was all created, the challenge became wringing emotion out of our pretzel characters through collaborating with our talented puppeteer. We even came up with a dance move that I’m surprised hasn’t swept the nation yet.