Documentary Content Spotlight

“Side Hustle” / Squarespace / The Guardian – Danny Wantz

This 13 episode web series explored the lives of four individuals who are putting in double overtime to turn their side hustle into their main hustle.

In episode one of the series, we introduced the Squarespace audience to Shweta Tripathi – a marketing manager who has a strong passion for creating beautiful floral arrangements.

See the full series here:

“The Bibbs” / Tombstone – Alex Grybauskas

After an extensive casting process to find a “bold” family to fit within Tombstone’s campaign, this shoot was all about making our subjects feel as comfortable as possible so they could be themselves. We bonded with the parents and kids enough that by the time we shot them eating their pizza dinner, they were barely aware they were being filmed anymore.

More work from this campaign:


“The Way of Life” / Kushitani – Justin Dec

Get ready to cruise through the picturesque mountains of Ojai, California with four riders wearing the latest in Kushitani’s line of high quality motorcycle riding apparel.


Control Natural / “Episode 1: Adrienne Mack-Davis” – Matthew Charof

Control Natural is a branded series commissioned by Teenage Engineering and produced by Michael Keenan. The concept behind the series is a musical experiment about the power of place. Three artists were invited out of the busy energy of the city and brought into a serene environment to create.

Watch more Control Natural here: