Get Out The Vote 2016

Given this year’s tumultuous elections, it was a priority for us at Whiteboard to get involved by doing what we do best. We partnered with ad agency Fenton and creative director Josh Gold to produce these four ads, that are currently airing across the country with the hope of improving voter turnout.

Here’s a few write-ups on the project so far:
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Director: Aaron Kodz

Going to the polls with your parents as a child is something you never forget. This ad shows a father bringing his son to the polls every four years. Many elections pass. One day the son goes to vote and brings a son of his own.

This cinematic and emotionally evocative style is the type of work that director Aaron Kodz is known for.

Baby Boy

Director: Michael Litwak

There is not much you can say to justify not voting, especially in this presidential election. In “Baby Boy” our protagonist Tony is playing a post-election game of Truth or Dare, when he is asked an unexpected question.

Director Michale Litwak’s whimsical humor convincingly brings this absurd scenario to life.


Director: Micha Kinsbruner

In many countries throughout the world, voters are not guaranteed privacy and fear repercussions for voting against the grain. This ad recreates the anxiety that might prevent someone from voting in the first place.

Director Micha Kinsbruner worked with post house The Cutting Room to tell this cinematic story with the frenetic pacing its intended audience will empathize with.


Director: Alex Grybauskas

Director Alex Grybauskas creates a tongue-in-cheek world where a group of precocious kids bully one of their classmates because his father didn’t vote. This poor child runs away, chased down by a mob of his incensed peers.

While this story takes place in the type of heightened reality that is director Gryabuskas’ signature style, it reminds parents that children will one day reckon with their parents’ actions on election day.

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