Peace Corps

From director Aaron Kodz comes “The Volunteers”, a high paced broadcast spot that follows three characters as they break out of their daily routines and join the Peace Corps.


We filmed more than 30 scenes over the course of a week across three states. Cinematographer Mike Berlucchi shot on an Alexa with Panavision lenses.

“The Volunteers” is a kinetic piece driven by matching actions and compositions, highlighting the small moments that define the preparation for a journey.


The story features subtle moments that combine to make a montage of universally identifiable feelings, like the touch of a desk, contemplating the right foreign power adapter, dropping your suitcase in the back of a cab, or hugging your mother goodbye.

We had a second unit team shooting in Cambodia, to pick up in country shots of the type of a home a real Peace Corps Volunteer would be living in with a host family.

This animal filled home is located just outside Angkor Wat in Krong Siem Reap.


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Director: Aaron Kodz

DP: Michael Berlucchi

Production Design: Joseph Polacik

Producer: Tracy Zukowski

EP: Jonathan Yaniv

Agency: Ogilvy Washington

CD: Russell Hayer

Agency Producer: Adrienne Polk

Music: Ring The Alarm

Color: Cath Raisch (Company 3)

Starring: Adriana Santos, Ausar English, and Joe Leitess