A Baltimore native, Alex moved to New York in 2006 to attend film school. After a mentorship by prolific music video editor Brian Kushner, Alex joined post-house Refinery NYC as a staff editor in 2010, where he cut everything from a reality series to dozens of commercials and music videos and just about everything in between.

In 2013 he joined digital agency Deep Focus to head their video department and has since shot and edited web videos for brands ranging from Ruffles and eBay to Tombstone and Purina, among others.

In 2013, he wrote, directed & edited his debut short film “Do You Believe In The Devil?” (www.dybmovie.com), which screened at film festivals across the country and took home awards including Best Horror Short (HollyShorts International) and Best Short Film (Maryand International)

He has since directed a slew of other shorts, and is gearing up to shoot his debut feature film in 2016.