Who am I?

On the surface I am a writer from Ohio who has been directing for the last five or so years. I love everything Cleveland. I came to New York after my first film out of college went viral. Ironically enough, it was a video aimed at Lebron for leaving Cleveland.

I’m currently a writer/ In-house director for Mcgarrybowen as well as a freelance filmmaker with Swoon New York. Both amazing agencies. And now, I couldn’t be happier to be joining the Whiteboard team.

I am a creator at heart — a writer, director with a strong passion for storytelling. For over seven years I have written stories for brands like Maserati, Chevron, Squarespace, Verizon, JCPenney, Brooklyn Cyclones, Chase, along with a host of others.

I love taking an idea and turning into something palpable, something that engages and influences the audience it was created for, as well as the audiences who never saw it coming. I love the way camera movement evokes emotion, like a smell that instantly brings you back to a specific place and time. I love the dance between the music and visuals. I love pulling performances out of talent. But most of all I love taking an idea, solving it, and then shattering it against a wall, just to start all over again and see how it comes out differently. I love this business. I love short film and storytelling. I have shot all over the world, all types of people, concepts, and ideas. I bring a fresh perspective that elevates brand content above and beyond what’s expected.