Peace Corps

From director Aaron Kodz comes “The Volunteers”, a high paced broadcast spot that follows three characters as they break out of their daily routines and join the Peace Corps.


We filmed more than 30 scenes over the course of a week across three states. Cinematographer Mike Berlucchi shot on an Alexa with Panavision lenses.

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Get Out The Vote 2016

Given this year’s tumultuous elections, it was a priority for us at Whiteboard to get involved by doing what we do best. We partnered with ad agency Fenton and creative director Josh Gold to produce these four ads, that are currently airing across the country with the hope of improving voter turnout.

Here’s a few write-ups on the project so far:
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Press Kitchen
Little Black Book


Director: Aaron Kodz

Going to the polls with your parents as a child is something you never forget. This ad shows a father bringing his son to the polls every four years. Many elections pass. One day the son goes to vote and brings a son of his own.

This cinematic and emotionally evocative style is the type of work that director Aaron Kodz is known for.

Baby Boy

Director: Michael Litwak

There is not much you can say to justify not voting, especially in this presidential election. In “Baby Boy” our protagonist Tony is playing a post-election game of Truth or Dare, when he is asked an unexpected question.

Director Michale Litwak’s whimsical humor convincingly brings this absurd scenario to life.

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Documentary Content Spotlight

“Side Hustle” / Squarespace / The Guardian – Danny Wantz

This 13 episode web series explored the lives of four individuals who are putting in double overtime to turn their side hustle into their main hustle.

In episode one of the series, we introduced the Squarespace audience to Shweta Tripathi – a marketing manager who has a strong passion for creating beautiful floral arrangements.

See the full series here:

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Branded Content Spotlight

Branded content shouldn’t feel like a traditional advertisement. This week’s director spotlight features branded work that breaks the mold of a traditional advertising aesthetics through humor, self-awareness, and dramatic storytelling.


Art Basel / Microsoft – Matthew Charof

One Million Square Feet of Culture is a series of guest curated physical spaces that live on through technology. The content component told the story of each installation in a comedic, matter-of-fact kind of way through a voice character that created the style and pacing of the piece. The work was commissioned by Mother and co-directed by Anthony Mathile.

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Musical Content Spotlight

Matthew Charof, Skizzy Mars “Cheer Up”

Cheer Up by Skizzy Mars is a quiet portrait of an artist running away from his life in a hotel room in New York City. The video tells the story of a broken relationship through a series of flashbacks and memories that evoke feelings of loneliness and illustrate different ways we cope with that. The work was commissioned by Atlantic Records and produced by Marshall Borden. Cinematography by Kevin Martin.

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Scripted Content Spotlight

Danny Wantz – The Comeback King

“My first film out of film school was a rip on the Lebron James, Nike collaboration – ‘What Should I Do’. To my surprise, just about every news outlet in the country picked it up. When the door for Lebron to come back to Cleveland was left open, I decided it was the right time to make a follow up in hopes of luring him back to “The Land.” The Cleveland community really embraced this film. I still get emails about it to this day. Always proud to represent my city and make films about the things I am most passionate about.”

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